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WhatsApp Group Link

Want to join WhatsApp groups? Well we have a got unlimited WhatsApp Group Link for you. You’ll find all kind of groups here. It doesn’t matter what a genre of group you like we have got everything thing for you here in this article. This post contains WhatsApp groups for Movies, YouTube Videos, funny memes, gaming, entertainment, girls groups, boys groups, PUBG groups and much more.

WhatsApp groups are extremely useful. You get everything in these groups from entertainment to latest technologies you’ll get everything in these groups. All of these groups are categorized by their genre every section contains the best groups in that genre. You don’t need to get anywhere else, we have got everything here in this article for you.

If it’s your first time searching for WhatsApp Group Link and if you don’t know how to join the groups or create one, don’t worry here is a step by step guide to join and create WhatsApp groups.
You are of course here to join some particular groups, even if you are not sure you can scroll to down to check the categories. Once you decided the category whether it be gaming, memes or for movies. Scroll down to find your section and follow the link of any group. You’ll be redirected to the group in your WhatsApp and simply click to join.

I you want to create a WhatsApp groups then here is how you can. Simply open your WhatsApp and click the three dots on the right, and click on create new. Name the group and then add the participants, it’s simple as that.

WhatsApp Group Link to Join

It’s our pleasure to share some of the best WhatsApp groups. These groups can be extremely helpful for you, if you are student, join education groups. We have got every kind of group for you in this article. If you love games and want to watch gaming videos then join gaming groups and so on. Practically these groups are filled with members due to high demand so if a group has Maximum members reached, look for another group in that section, you’ll surely get what you want. Every group has certain rules which are listed. You have to follow these rules at all cost.

Important Rules Of WhatsApp Groups

These are the rules that are made by the owners of the groups. You must take care of these rules and never break these rules, or you’ll be kicked out of the group.

  • Do not indulge in any fight with any member, fighting is not allowed in any of these groups
  • Kids are not allowed to join these groups, only 18+ users are allowed
  • Do not share your private pictures without taking permission
  • You are not allowed to change group name or icon
  • Posts that involve any religious material are strongly prohibited
  • Sharing any sort of aid related links are not allowed
  • Respect the privacy of the groups and owner
  • If you have any problem with content of the group, you can contact with admin

WhatsApp Group Link for Memes and Funny Content

Memes have earned a lot of fame these days. Almost all of us love to watch memes and create one. If you are some one who loves memes and funny content then here are some best memes groups that will surely make you laugh all day. You’ll get free doze of memes every day, react and share these memes to make your day. So here are the best groups to make you laugh.

  • Big Chore – Join
  • Digital Boys – Join
  • Crazy World – Join
  • Fun Groups – Join
  • All in One Fun – Join
  • Machado Company – Join
  • Full Time Masti – Join
  • Funny Videos Compilation – Join
  • Funny Group Only – Join
  • International Fun Bonding – Join
  • Crazy Boys – Join
  • Masti Times – Join
  • Crazy Jokes – Join
  • Solution of Every Problem – Join
  • Call Girl Number – Join

WhatsApp Groups For PUBG Lovers

PUBG has been the most popular mobile game in recent years. Fans are crazy about this game. If you are too a fan of PUBG then these groups are worth joining. You’ll get to see the best PUBG players playing the game and learn some techniques to become good at game. There are daily updates on PUBG tournaments and free UC announcement and mycb more. Join these groups to become a pro player of PUBG. Do post your own gaming videos and join new clans.

  • PUBG Mobile GRP – Join
  • Pro Player Community – Join
  • PUBG MX- Join
  • Pro Players – Join
  • Chicken Dinner – Join
  • Gamer’s Hood PUBG – Join
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Join
  • PUBG Mobile Official – Join
  • PUBG PROS – Join
  • Gaming Tournaments – Join

WhatsApp Group Link to Watch and Download Free Movie

We all love to watch movies, which are recently released but can’t download for free or can’t even find them on Google. So if you want to watch all sort of movies at one place then these groups are pretty good option. You will get all kind of movies in these groups, be it Bollywood, Tamil, Hindi Dubbed or Hollywood movies. These movies and short clips are shared by the members. You can even request in the group for a movies and you’ll get the movie link instantly. So joun these groups and watch some movies.

  • Movie Links – Join
  • Only Movies – Join
  • Bollywood Movies – Join
  • Vidmar Movies – Join
  • Raees Fans – Join
  • Best Movies – Join

Heroes of Bollywood Fan Groups

If you are some one who loves a hero or lady actor and want to want get every news and latest pictures of these actors then these groups are for you. These groups are designed to share news of actors, there short videos and private life pictures. Join these groups and get latest news about your favorite actor.

  • Rakul Preeti Singh Fans – Join
  • Kareen Kapoor Fan Club – Join
  • SRK Die Hard Fans – Join
  • Salman Khan Fans – Join
  • Disha Patani Lovers – Join
  • Arjit Singh Fans – Join
  • Samantha Friends Club – Join

WhattsApp Groups for Sport lovers

Particularly cricket and Football are two most popular sport games in the history of world. We all love to watch live matches of our teams, but most the time we face difficulties to find right links to watch live matches and updates of score. So here are some of these sports WhatsApp groups that will absolutely provide you all kind of live matches. Be it Cricket, football or any other game. Join these groups and watch live matches now.

  • Run Machine VK – Join
  • No Life Without Cricket – Join
  • World Cricket Champ – Join
  • Idian Cricket Team – Join
  • Sachin Fan Club – Join
  • Virat Kholi Star Fans – Join
  • Group for Cricket – Join
  • India Cricket – Join
  • Pakistan Cricket Group – Join
  • Champions – Join
  • IPL Official – Join
  • Cricket Updates – Join

WhatsApp Group Link for Friendship and Relationship with girls and Boys

Are you looking for beautiful girls to chat? Or get their numbers to char with in person then here are some of the best Friendship and Relationship groups. You’ll get many girls to chat in these groups and make them your friends. Texting skills and online dating tips are also shared in these groups. So if you want to chat with girls or boys then here are the groups worth joining.
We all need some one to chat with, some one can take care of us and ask us how our day went. We all need a good companion, it’s a part of life and we feel incomplete. Join these groups and find your better half.

WhatsApp Group Link for Students

Technology has made it much easier for students to learn new things and complete your home work. If you are student and feel difficulty in your study then join these groups. They will help you in your study and make your study much easier and fun. There are different groups for different subjects so join the groups for individual subjects. You’ll get to know about exam tips and study related apps and much more to take your reading and learning skills to the next level.

  • Current Affairs – Join
  • IBPS Group – Join
  • Group for Study – Join
  • Study and Notes – Join
  • Fast GK Quiz – Join
  • KK Online Classes – Join
  • Job Related Groups – Join
  • Civil Engineering Official – Join
  • GK Quiz – Join
  • Target SSC CGL – Join
  • Exam Preparation – Join
  • Fast Gk Knowledge – Join

WhatsApp Group Link for All kind of Poetry

It’s much harder to find your favorite poetry online, especially Hindi and Urdu Poetry. These groups will provide you absolutely amazing Hindi and Urdu Poetry. Those who love poetry, these groups are worth joining. Join these groups and get read the poetry of your favorite poets .

  • Lovely Poetry Group – Join
  • Only Poetry Group – Join
  • Daily Quotes – Join
  • 2 Line Poetry – Join
  • Heart Poetry – Join
  • All Language Shaeri – Join
  • Heart Touching Shayeri – Join
  • Andaz -E- Shayeri- Join
  • All Language Shayeri – Join
  • Sharyana Aalam – Join
  • Hindi Shayeri and Quotes – Join
  • Mehfil-E-Shayri – Join

How to Earn Online WhatsApp Groups

It’s for those who say that online earning is difficult and we don’t have any skills, what if I say you that you earn a handsome amount of money by just siting in your home, without any skill. Many of us either don’t know about easy earning method or don’t get the right guidance. These groups are created to guide you and teach you how to earn good amount of money without any skill. So join these groups and earn from tomorrow.

  • Paisa Kamao – Join
  • Earn Money Online – Join
  • Make Money Online – Join
  • The Only Group – Join
  • Chinese Group – Join
  • Young Boy Group – Join
  • Earn Easy – Join
  • Earn Good – Join

WhatsApp Group Link for Music Lovers

Hello music lovers. These days you have to pay a good amount to listen your favorite songs. Well there groups will let you listen and download your favorite songs for free. It doesn’t matter if you love classic Hindi songs or English songs, you’ll get all sort of music in these groups. So better join these groups and listen your favorite songs for free!

  • All About Arjiti – Join
  • Arijit Songs Group – Join
  • Mohd Rafi – Join
  • Tommy – Join
  • Sad Music – Join
  • Only Songd – Join
  • Garma Songs – Join
  • Music – Join
  • Best Music – Join
  • Classic Songs – Join

WhatsApp Group Link for single girls

If you want to talk with girls or want to read girls chat then these WhatsApp groups are created for you.. however we will not recommend you to join these groups because these groups have girls which will talk to you dirty things. Girls in these groups used to talk on video calls with members. So if you want to have fun and you are 18+ only then join these groups. You don’t need to have any VPN to talk to young girls in these groups. So give it a try and join these groups with your own consent.

  • Beautiful DP’s – Join
  • Image for WhatsApp – Join
  • Desi Fun – Join
  • No Fap – Challenge – Join
  • Single Girls Group – Join
  •  Fun Videos Group – Join
  • Girls Only Pictures and Videos – Join
  • Tharki – Join
  • Marathi Girls Group – Join
  • Premium Viral Video Group – Join
  • Beautiful – People – Join
  • Babes – Join


We have shared almost all kind of WhatsApp Group Link in today’s article. However there are unlimited WhatsApp groups which I can’t put in this article. But stay tuned we will surely bring more content for you in the future so make you sure to visit our website realltype.com for regular updates.
WhatsApp groups are extremely useful to get regular updates to your favorite topics, you don’t need to search different websites on the good to watch your favorite content. You’ll get all the data in these WhatsApp groups..
We wish you good luck and hope that this article would have provided you the groups that you were looking for you. Please don’t forget to let us know in the comments down blow if you liked this article and want to see more.

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