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The school time is surely the best time of our lives. When I was in school, I always wanted School Girls Number so that I can talk to her and make her as my girlfriend. But I couldn’t get it.

Today I’ll share many School Girls Number which are mainly in matric. If you want to have fun talking to these young and Beautiful Girls then stick with me in this article. I’ll not only give you the numbers but I’ll also tell you how can find more real and genuine numbers of girls in the school.

Girl WhatsApp Number Pakistan

Name: Nida Ali
Age: 18 Years
Hobbies: Movies, Songs
City: Karachi
Country: Pakistani
Contact Number: 0321-2145861

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All the numbers provided here are collected from different resources so some of these numbers might not be valid. But most the numbers and tested and verified.. so if you want to have the fun talking with the school girls, follow this article and in the end you’ll get complete list numbers.

If you don’t know how to text the girls in school, then don’t worry I’ll also teach you how can you text and impress these girls very easily. So read the complete article and in the end you’ll be pro to impress girls online.

Pakistani School Girls Number for Friendship

Name: Natasha
Age: 17
Mobile number: +92-321-6260882
Language: English, Urdu.
Location: Gujrat
Status: Single
Company: Warid
Country: Pakistan
Interested In: Friendship

If you are from Pakistan and want to talk to school girls around you then this portion is just for you. You’ll get tons of Single School Girls Number here in this portion. So if you want do some fun with these girls. Just grab the numbers from the list and text them now.

These girls are very good at talking. When you’ll text them you’ll get instant replies and soon these girls will make you video calls and start having fun with you.

Single Girl Whatsapp Number

Name: Kalpna
Age: 19
Mobile number: +91-95-42358475
Location: Agra
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship
Mobile Company: Airtel

All you need to do it just grab some numbers from the list below and start having fun right now. These girls are extremely single and lonely. They want to have fun with men and boys so don’t waist your time and start the chat now.

Indian School Girls Number for Chat

Pinkish: +919211320503











If you are from India, I’ve got School Girls Number for you too. A complete list of single girls from Indian schools have been given below. Just pick the numbers and start having fun right now.
If you don’t know how to start a chat with girls, then here is how you will do it. Save the numbers from our list given down below and text the girls on WhatsApp. Start the chat with a romantic pick-up line. Because school girls love to get compliment and fun ways of being approached.

University Girl Number

First Name: Shuweta

Last Name: Kakar

Age: 21 Years

City: Kolkata

Country: India

Contact: +91-9845216923

All of the number and names that are mentioned on the list are hundred percent real and verified. But yet these numbers are collected from different sources so some of these number night not be valid.
All the girls mentioned in the list School Girls Number are single and currently these girls are looking for boyfriends. That means it is a good chance for you to get one of the girls if you will text them on right time. Before some one else take them.

Friendship Girl Number

Mamta bhabhi:+919211320503








So don’t miss this chance and text these Beautiful Girls tiny now to start having fun for real. If the girl is of your are you will be soon taking her out for a date.

How to start a chat with School Girls

Once you get the numbers of girls then you have multiple options to start a chat with these beautiful school girls. Some of these methods are discussed as follow.
WhatsApp: it is a great source of communication which help you to stay connected with people around you. Save the numbers from the list and start chat on WhatsApp. You can also know that whether you text are seen or unseen. It also provides the security to your data. Your chat is end to end encrypted that means no one other than you can read your texts.

Girls WhatsApp Number 2022






Priya Patel:+919727438678

Shweta Delhi:+919958202053



Messenger: messenger is also an other great way to contact these school girls. Once you get to know there Facebook IDs it would be easy for your to search and start the chat.
SMS: sim SMS is and old but yet effective way to syert a conversation with any girls. It makes your identity safe. So it’s a great way to start a conversation.

Direct call: direct call might be risky some times but it the most effective way to talk to a girl. If you are ready to take the chance of getting no answer then call directly on the numbers given below as school girls number.

Girls Contact








Sonia Chawla:+919953542115




These were the methods that you be using to contact the girls. You can use all these or any one these depending on what works for you the best.

Share your Number with US

Just like the guys visit our website to get Girls Numbers same way girls also visit to submit their numbers. If you’ll write down your numbers in the comments down below. Some random girls will contact you for sure.

Online Girl Number Free


If you want to talk to girls without making the first move then submit your numbers in the comments down below. Your comments will automatically be posted. And you’ll be surprised to know that how many calls and texts you get after that.













If you want to talk to School Girls Number in your area then read the complete article to get a complete list of Indian and Pakistani School girls. These beautiful girls are looking for a boyfriend so don’t wait and text them now to get your girl.

Pease don’t forget to appreciate us in the comments down below if you found the article Helpful. A complete list of girls numbers has been provided. ENJOY!!!

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