Ladies Phone Number for Friendship and Marriage

Ladies Phone Number

If you are a men and struggling to get your life partner or some one to chat online and make friendship, don’t worry you are not alone. Today we will not only provide you free Ladies Phone Numbers but also tell you step by step guide to impress them and make them ready for relationship and marriage.
This is easy said than done. Getting a phone number is not enough, let’s say if you have Ladies Phone number but what then. You can’t impress them on texts if you don’t have basic skills that are must to impress them.

So keeping in mind the current demands of ladies our team has acquired some tips that you can use to get ladies easily.

It’s important to tell you about the ladies that I have included in this list. After all one of them is going to be your friend and who knows if you are serious then may be your wife.

Ladies for Online Friendship

It’s not easy to find beautiful ladies and especially those who are looking for partners and online friendship. But luckily you are on and we try our best to provide you everything you need in order to get your desired partner.

All the ladies which are in the list of Ladies Phone Number for Friendship are eagerly ready for chat and start the friendship as soon as you drop them a text.

These Aunties are all 30+ in age and searching for partners. The Phone numbers are provided by these Aunties themselves with their consent on

Our website is a place where the users get their partners within few days of submitting their number. Make sure to get the list first and start the chat right away or some one else will surely get them.

How to Talk to Aunties on Phone Number

Now as far as the chat is concern you can have plenty of options once you have the phone number. I am going to tell you some quick ways to get connected with aunties instantly. Depending on how you feel comfortable. So here are methods to approach Aunties on list Ladies Phone Number for Friendship once you have the number.

  • Direct call Method
  • Direct call Method is really effective if you know how to handle this situation. If you have manly voice and heavy pitch. I’ll definitely recommend you. But it’s risky some times tog don’t get the answer.

  • SMS
  • SMS is an other great method to contact these aunties. All you need is to take the number from the list and send them SMS. This super easy and effective.

  • WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp is a great tool for communication in recent times, almost every person uses it. If you don’t have WhatsApp account I’ll recommend you to make one. Then select the numbers from the list and start save the numbers with names mentioned in the list and start the chat right away.

These were some quick, easy and effective ways to contact these Aunties from the list Ladies Phone Numbers. As now you got the numbers and learnt how can you contact. It’s time to learn what to text and what not text.

What to Say to Aunties to Impress Them

It’s all useless to have numbers and tools of contact if you don’t know the tips and rules that are guaranteed to get you any women. We will explain you some basic tips and techniques to impress any women around the world.

These techniques are scientifically proven to get girls so let’s Start it but if you don’t want to learn these techniques you can just directly swipe down to get the list.

The pull off method: It works like a magnet trust me women will get crazy for your attention. This is how it works. Let’s say you are in a middle of conversation with any lady and you are really into each other and you suddenly got offline the girl will definitely think about you where did he go, does he like me or not, and she will eventually end up calling you again.

The Pickup line: Are you one of those guys who send creepy texts to girls like “hi” or “Hello’ well from today your texting game is going to next level. Instead of sending short texts write a single message consisting of two to three lines starting with a pickup line. Now it can be any pickup line. There are tons of best pickup lines on Google and Youtube. This will surely get replies.

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The show off: fake it till you make it! You probably have heard of this line before. Ladies love what they hear. You have to fake yourself just tell them good hobbies, a good job, independent, every thing that a women needs to hear definitely she loves to listen about herself.

These were some techniques that you can use to get as many girls as you want even Ladies Phone Number for Friendship. If you’ll apply these techniques in right way you’ll be irresistible to ladies. If you want to learn more about communication skills you can also check for more detailed information about the right ways to not screw up your game around women.

Personal Details of Ladies:

Along with numbers we have provided additional necessary information including Names, age, height, color, like and dislikes and off course the pictures of Ladies Phone Number. has made everything easy for your to her your desired partner online. All you have to do is note down the numbers and start chatting with whatever way you like.

Full Name: Kubra
Education: B.A
Country: Pakistan
City: Lahore
Mobile Number: +923434206991

Ladies Phone Number

Full Name: Amal
Education: ICS
Country: Pakistan
City: Lahore
Mobile Number: +923452001117

Full Name: Yusra
Education: B.A
Country: Pakistan
City: Lahore
Mobile Number: +923002720964

Full Name: Rizwana
Education: ICS
Country: Pakistan
City: Lahore
Mobile Number: +923322164235

Conclusion: aims to connect the people from all over the world for friendship and love. All the numbers in the list are hundred percent real and authentic. Our team has verified all the numbers in the list of Ladies Phone Number for Friendship.

We wish you a warm good luck for getting your love online. Please don’t forgot to appreciate our team in the comments if you liked this article.

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