Girl Number For Friendship and Relationship in 2022

Girl Number For Friendship

Hello amazing people, I am again here with a great update in girl number for friendship and relationship in 2022. This is the most requested topic I have ever put on ReallType. If you are new on ReallType keep visiting ReallType for regular updates on numbers, texting tips and dating advices.
Who doesn’t want girls in his life we all do but it’s not easy to get girls these days. Most of the boys are afraid to talk to girls directly so they try texting them online without knowing important rules of texting. Today we aim to provide you some beautiful girl number for friendship and relationship and we will also explain some basic texting rules so that you don’t mess up your game with girl.

Beautiful girls WhatsApp numbers for friendship

After the hard work of weeks we’ve finally collected a list beautiful girl number for friendship. We’ve collected these numbers from different groups, and dating websites. All the numbers provided in this list are hundred percent real and verified. Girls mentioned in this list are all above the age of 20 and actively searching for partners online. We’ve provided additional information along with numbers like name, age, height, and address. Select your favorite and start a conversation. Before proceeding to numbers it’s really important to learn basic skills and texting rules. We really care for you and can’t see you messing up your game around girls. Therefore would try to explain some basic texting rules.

Texting rules that are must

Communication is the most important skill one can’t live without. It doesn’t matter in what genre you belong to whether you are a businessman, middle class worker, or a boy if you have no communication skills you won’t progress in your life. You can’t just randomly send texts to girls. This is the reason why most of the boys gets blocked at first. Today we’ll explain some basic and most important texting rules rather than directly approaching to the list girl mobile number for friendship and relationship.

  • First impression
  • Always have a professional profile photo on your account not just a random selfie. The first thing girls notice is your picture. If you don’t have good picture make it capture with a DSLR.
  • Creepy texts
  • Don’t send stupid short texts like hi, hello, or dear reply. I wonder how creepy boys look when they send these texts to girls. Instead of these creepy texts write a single message consisting of two to three lines starting with a best pickup line. You can get pickup lines from YouTube or Google.
  • Fake it till you make it
  • You must have heard this line girls love what they hear if you have no job or you are still dependent on your parents you don’t need to tell her. If she asks you tell her that you work part time and don’t take pocket money from your parents. And start working no matter where but a job is way more attractive than staying on pocket money.
  • Pull away method
  • Another great tip to take your texting game to next level. Pull away is a method used to grab girls attention. Start a conversation with a firm and get disappear in middle of chat that really leaves the girl in wonder that where did he go or does he not want me. This is a great method to get her attention. You can try this even with your girlfriend.

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These were some basic tips to text girls online and make them yours permanently. Well if you will use these skills on the girls mentioned in our list of girl mobile number for friendship they will beg for your attention. We have provided some ways to get real girls mobile numbers down below if you don’t want to read about this you can simply scroll down in the end to find the list of girl mobile number for friendship and relationship in 2022.

There are different methods you can use to get real girls numbers. Best of these is keep visiting realltype for amazing content (lol). Apart from a joke realltype aims to bring you the best contents so that you shouldn’t make extra efforts. Here are some methods to use for real girls numbers

How to find real girls mobile numbers

  • WhatsApp Groups
  • Searching for girls numbers in different WhatsApp groups is an excellent way to get real girls mobile numbers. Search for WhatsApp groups on google, join these groups and find girls number.
  • Facebook
  • Facebook is another great way to find real girls mobile numbers. All you have to do is search for any random girl and you will get so many results open any I’d and go it about there you’ll find number in info. Save that number and start a Conversation.
  • Google Search Engine
  • Last but certainly not the least google is no doubt the mother of everything. You can search for girls number on google. Simply write girls numbers and you’ll get tones of website like ReallType. But not all of them are real number provider like ReallType.

These were some methods you can use to get real girls numbers. We wish you a good luck for getting some beautiful girls numbers from our list girl mobile number for friendship down below. Keep visiting ReallType for more updates on numbers, texting tips and dating advice.

Name – Rashmi Samal
Status – Act like a lady, think like a boss.
Age – 21
Get Number +91-9374728374

Name – Monsoon Samal
Status – Whatsapp bro !!
Age – 18
Get Number+91 6798754735

Name – Mamata Mallik
Status – Speaking is easier than doing in real.
Age – 23
Get Number+91786547469

Name – Kushboo
Status – Your looks don’t make u Beautiful, it’s the person inside who makes you beautiful.
Age – 21
Get Number+923347619482

Name – Javeria Iqbal
Status – The best dreams happen when eyes are opened.
Age – 22
Get Number+923035635987

Name – Alexia soni
Status – Love is an attachment. Attachments are all about body satisfaction.
Age – 24
Get Number+1 8455686023

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