Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship And Online Dating

Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship

Hello folks! Looking for beautiful aunties to chat and Friendship you have reached on the right place. Jexce aims to provide you free exclusive numbers including Aunties, single girls from all over the world. So if you are new here make sure to visit regularly for more content, for now let’s get to today’s topic. Today I will provide an exclusive list which contains Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship. It includes Aunties from India, Pakistan, USA and UK. So don’t worry about the region. This list does have some girls phone numbers as well but particularly it contains Auntie’s numbers. Before concluding to the final list let me introduce these Aunties.

There are some instructions provided by these beautiful Aunties while submitting their numbers on Jexce. Which I’ll discuss in the final but for now let’s get to these Aunties.

Aunties for Friendship and Online Dating

Even though there are more than enough girls and Aunties who are looking for their partners online through some website like Jexce and dating apps but still it’s really hard to find real numbers because many websites provide fake numbers which either don’t exist or not active on WhatsApp
The aunties mentioned in the list Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship are all above the age of 30 and actively looking for partners to chat accordingly they submit their numbers on different websites to get their dream boys. I’ll explain you their demands and requirements one by one. Let’s start with Indian aunties First.

Indian Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship

India is such a big country with great no of people living in it. Most of the women who can’t find their partners in regular life start searching online by submitting their information on dating websites like Jexce

. All Indian Aunties listed are at the age of 30 or above and with consent provided their WhatsApp numbers.

Pakistani Aunties Phone Number for Friendship

Although there is no difference between Pakistani Aunties and Indian Aunties but yet their demands are pretty much different. Pakistani Aunties are way more beautiful and attractive compared to Indian Aunties. They are actively looking for partners.

USA Aunties Phone Number for friendship

When it comes to USA their standard of living is quite high compared to Asian people and so does their demands of life partners. These Aunties are not easily impressed you need very good communication skills to impress them

With all said and done I can’t expiation you all the aunties let’s get to main topic the list of Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship and Dating. The complete list is waiting for you down below but I think it’s important to tell you some texting techniques that you should keep in mind while texting.
You can’t just impress women by sending creepy texts like “hi” or “Hello” this is the reason why most the men get block in the first place. The list of Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship has all high standard aunties which won’t be settle less. To impress them you need good communication skills, therefore I’ll teach you some important bans basic tips to texting.

How to Text Aunties on WhatsApp

Communication is an art it doesn’t come easily you have to learn it gradually. It comes through experiment and off course after lot of rejections. But I promise you, the techniques I’m going to share with you if you follow them according, you are to be irresistible to aunties and even single girls so without wasting time let’s get started.

Do you often get blocked or ignores on texts? You just texted a girls and even after blue ticks you don’t any response well if this is so I’m going to teach you skills that are going to make you irresistible to Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship list aunties and any girl.

First thing first don’t send creepy texts like hello, hi or how are you, these are the creepiest texts in the whole world. I wonder how stupid boys can be to send such cringe texts.
Secondly always select more than three girls from the list to text. This way you’ll surely get atleast some replies for sure. If you’ll text only one girl you might not get reply. Because she might have got some one else.

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Last but certainly not the least this is particularly for the Aunties in the list Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship always start with good pick up line a text that can make aunties laugh or something super cool.

In last I would tell you some other platforms to find real phone numbers of aunties, girls and even married women, but if you don’t want to know you can proceed to the list down below. There are some ways that can give you tones of active numbers to talk to girls and aunties so let’s get started.

  • WhatsApp Groups
  • If you are here you must know about WhatsApp and groups. All you have to do is search for WhatsApp numbers on Google and you’ll get tons of websites join different groups and search for girls numbers.
  • Facebook
  • Facebook is another great way to get girls and aunties numbers. If you already have a Facebook I’d just search for a random girl name and you’ll get different IDs related to that name, open any I’d and go to information or about there you’ll see the number of that girl. Or you can directly send them texts on messenger.

This was all about Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship. As I have told you some basic information regarding aunties mentioned in the list, texting techniques and also some methods to find real aunties and girls number. A complete list of Phone numbers is provided down below.

Full Name: Fukayna
Education: FA
Country: Egypt
City: Aswan
Mobile Number: +233372416315

Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship

Full Name: Dalila
Education: ICS
Country: Egypt
City: Aswan
Mobile Number: +2493230382773

Full Name: Akila
Education: FSC
Country: Egypt
City: Aswan
Mobile Number: +249483927384

Full Name: Sabah
Education: BSC
Country: Egypt
City: Aswan
Mobile Number: +249483927384


Along with numbers I have provided all the necessary information like name, age, height and address. I wish you a good luck to get your dream aunty. Please don’t forget to appreciate in the comments if you find this article helpful.

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